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More Cheap Food


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My Dollar Tree posts haven't been consistently popular, so what I'm going to

do from now on is to only post the products I think are real 'winners'. Imho. :rolleyes:

This stuff is great. It's tasty and kind of thick. More like stew than soup.

I'm guessing with a little red wine in it, it would be spectacular.

And there are actually hunks of real meat in it!

Note that the fine folk at Campbell's were apparently legally entitled to call

this product 'Beef and Dumplings' as opposed to 'Dumplings and Beef'. ( :

(The rather large pop-top lid is a little awkward. Be careful with it!)


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We just found a place in Quarryville Pa that is a food outlet of sort...BB's! We now travel with a soft sided cooler and ice packs just in case our auction areas take us near BB's. I was in grocery overload mode! First of all, the place is small and packed. Tons of stuff..but like Wade said, you have to check dates ( I learned how to read the cryptic dates on a Red Barrons frozen pizza via Google..Julian calendar; odd) . They had produce as well, which was good and oh-so cheap! They have jackets you can borrow to go into the freezer section..wasn't yet brave enough to try meat or cheese. We had fun and got some really good buys.

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Good point about expiration dates.

Especially for those really great deals

that make you want to 'stock up' on something.

Glad Alyce mentioned the ice packs and cooler.

Summer temperatures are getting into full-swing here,

and I have to get back into that habit.

Hope our posts here convince some of the 'uninitiated'

to check out some of these places. There's certainly

a 'learning period' involved, but it doesn't take long to

figure things out. Even if you have 'money to burn', I'm

sure you'll find it surprising and satisfying how many

good products you can have for 1/4 of what you're paying now. ( :

P.S. Another helpful hint is to always be suspicious of the pictures

on the labels with the fine print that says "serving suggestion".

(Okay. I know that you realize there probably isn't a whole roast

turkey included in that box of stuffing. But you know what I mean!) :D

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Hi, hit BB's's again on Sat...I might be addicted! Got a huge bag of Werthers hard candies for a buck (Walmart=4.95), box of Totinos pizz rolls (my son loves these as a snack) for 99 cents, Special K cereal bars for 1.49 (I think around 4 bucks in the store), snack sized bags of Wheat thins for 10 cents a bag..crazy! The produce was still cheaper than the grocery store, but not as drastically reduced and was good. Bought a big bag of apples and made applesauce..yum yum!

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I just got some of that! A Chicken & Dumpling one I think. Looked promising -- glad to hear it's edible!


It was Italian White Bean & Chicken soup, and it was pretty good. I'm not a good critic of chicken soups though, because most of them -- this one included -- have entirely too much cooked celery taste for me. Just a personal eeewww. If I didn't mind that, it would have been really good! Generous amounts of beans, carrots, chicken, some kind of green (collard? kale?). Not all that much actual celery.

Willing to try more flavors.

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Coincidentally, (or is it?) (-insert 'Twilight Zone' music here-)

I was just thinking about this stuff.

Found another variation just a little while ago.

It's one of their 'Chunky' soups, and is labeled

"Kickin' Buffalo-Style Chicken". We'll see.

That big bag of Werther's reminded me that candy should

be mentioned as one of the best reasons to visit your local

dollar or similar store. Big bags and boxes of your favorites.

Some of them are just like what you get at the movies!

Which just mad me think of something kind of sneaky. :rolleyes:

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