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Very Rare Peltier Rainbo 15/16 Amber Base Glass ?

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here is what I think is a 15/16 peltier rainbo just found today in a antique store mixed in all alone with some benningtons looked very different in the case so had it opened and when held in hand could see the cut off lines and the very seedy / bubbly amber base glass . so picked it up , never saw one like it so either very rare or very new . any ideas as I have nothing like it . it is about .935 /.945 so 15/16 in size the amber color is like the amber slags but very seedy / bubbly . Mike

here is an album with a lot of pics to help with ID ,I think it is a peltier rainbo white ribbons amber base glass .

Peltier Rainbo White Ribbons Dark Amber Base Photos by mmuehlba on Photobucket






more pics in the slide show . Mike

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yes even in the case it looked worth having them get the key . and better yet they were marked $3.00 each for the big ones and $2.00 for the small ones , since it was the only glass marble in the box in fact in the complete store I was happy . the biggest beside this pelt was a blue bennington at 3/4 and I have way to many of them in fact I sell off just about all I find . but this is the only one I have with that color base glass . I have big sunset with a bubble in the center that still has liquid in it just tap or move it and wow like moving a level . I got it from the original owner as he said it was his lucky marble and has a few chips it show play ware . hard to get a picture of it . Mike


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