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Friday Night Happy Hour!


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(Thank you for having faith in me and clicking on this topic.

You are obviously a fearless individual who doesn't flinch at

an 'implied legal agreement' which basically says that no matter

what I post now, you asked for it! Don't worry. It won't be so bad. :) )

Watched an episode of 'Mad about You' the other day, and got a

double-whammy of potential 'Lounge' posts. So here are two

freeze-frames from the show, with explanations following each.


I mentioned The San Remo apartment building a while back. Since I claimed that it

showed up all the time in television and movies, this is an example from the opening credits.

It was interesting to find out that both Ann and I are 'looking for a little place in the city'.

You know. To avoid hotels or imposing on friends or relatives when we're in the neighborhood!

She's mostly interested in 'The Dakota', which is three blocks in the direction Paul Reiser is pointing.

One of these days we're going to be neighbors!

Just as soon as we both find special 99%-off deals. :P


The 'star' of this show was a Dutch doll, which is apparently irresistible to all children.

I couldn't find any information about it on 'the web'.

I guess the situation is hopeless.

Where oh where could I ever find someone from The Netherlands who might explain this? :huh:

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