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An Embarrassing Admission


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I really enjoy this kids' show called 'Sam and Cat'.

It's really well done for what it is, and totally cracks me up.

Came up with a theory that the folks at Nickelodeon always have

one show in their children's lineup that's also amusing to older people.

Couldn't prove it until now!

But I just saw this 'opener', and I think those of you who've enjoyed

sit-coms for a while will see what I mean. :lol:

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very cute

You've made me miss Nick. The last time I remember seeing it, Dick Van Dyke was the chairman of the board ... or some such honorary title for the purpose of amusing advertisements.

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Well that's just great.

Now I've had the George of the Jungle song

in the back of my head for the past two days!

I guess it was pretty popular.

When I did a search to find a George photo, there were

all these images that didn't make any sense to me at all.

Apparently there've been several remakes in different forms.

But this looks to be a collection of the shows I remember. ( :


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