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Lavender Sulphide And Large Blue Base Swirl

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I found all these handmades today. The big onion is over 2" and has a good amount of mica. The blue based one is like 2" as well. Are these rarer? The blue base? Also a few sulphides. One camel one bear, the bear is purple glass. Were there intentional lavender base glass on the sulphides or were they all from being left out in the sun? Thanks for the help! Craig


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Oh yeah, don't you hate guineas and that other junk?

(I'd be surprised to hear that purpley sulphides were made on purpose. ... Except that some were purposely aged.)

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How purple the glass gets is decided by the intensity and time it spends exposed to U.V. light. Many door knob sets have the exterior knob quite purple while the inside knob will be at the most, a very light lavender They are now using the very strong medical type UV lights to turn the glass made with "Manganese" very purple in a short time.

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