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Canton Marble Show Roll Call

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Probably show up friday some time,maybe thursday.

Bringing a pile of real organic,canned goods with me.

All from my gardens and canned by me.

Bread and butter pickles,dill pickles,red beets,red beet juice,

big jar of pickled eggs for sampling,maybe some hot pepper jelly.

Heck,I might even bring some marbles too!

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FYI for all Canton bound folks...A group of marble lovers will be meeting in the lobby of the hotel on Fri nt at 5:00..heading to Tim's Tavern for dinner. Tim's specializes in beer battered fish, hush puppies and other "healthy" fare (they really do offer some healthier choices!). We have a group of about 11 so far..all are welcome! Bring your love of marbles, desire to make new friends and to actually see some of these forum folks that we've all been talking to!! Let me know if you are interested, so I can be sure the restaurant knows how big a group we will be...Alyce

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Hey Randy, it was good to see you at the show. Thanks for the Alley Flame, it is a nice little mib. I will enjoy it. You sure have great mibs, it is so cool to see so many marbles in such great condition. I hope to meet up withyou again sometime


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Our trip to Canton was tons of fun! Got to meet many new friends (like John-SNYD, Randy-killer marbles, Paul-idigjars) and see some old ones too (Bill-Romanoak,

Griff-whosenameistoolongtotypelol, Craig-buckeye..etc) Our marble lovers dinner at Tim's tavern was a good time. Everyone seemed to love their food and the company was great...a terrific way to get to know each other. There were lots of folks and marbles to buy and trade during in room trading, but I have to say, the actual show day was sparse. There were at least 5-6 vendors that I know of that were not there. My husband and I most enjoyed the social aspect of this show....marble people are so nice, friendly, fun and sooo willing to share what they know. Here are a few pix...enjoy!

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