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Codd Bottles


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Anyone collect these? I realize that they were often faked but the two I just found are very heavy old glass with oxidation irridation maybe from bring dug? The marbles are bullet mold types, cool stuff. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Craig

One is The Bilton Harrogate, t turner and co. Dewsbury. The second is j slater bury, cannington shaw and co St Helens








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In 1960 my father took me to India for a family visit and I was lucky enough to see Codd bottles refilled and carbonated.

It was a cottage industry, done with the most rudimentary equipment in a village with no electricity (although they had kerosene refrigerators). Codd bottles had to be inverted as they were filled, in order to get the marble jammed against the rubber washer at the top. The CO2 cylinders had no reducing valve, so the time used to pressurize the contents of the bottle was critical.

I was told that occasionally, when a bottle was overfilled or perhaps fragile from being many decades old, it would go off like a bomb, the thick glass fragments causing horrific injuries

The cost of a crown capped soda was then probably double the cost of soda in a Codd bottle, which has no disposable parts.

More links from a cursory internet search:





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Seeing lots of those over here. Let me know if you want me to snap them up for you and what price you will pay for them. Not to concerned on making a profit off you if you like them and want them. Keep shipping in mind. Will find out what they will ship for if you like.

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