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Sparklers Or Sunbursts?


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I see ONE Sparkler and it is a maybe, rest are sunbursts...and the Stone agate rocks, those came in Akro boxes ?>

Doubt any Akro boxes originally contained stone agates, although Master Marble did have a couple boxes (from the 1933-4 World's Fair) that did contain stone agates. These dyed agates, one of each color, are hand faceted and perfect.

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I'll try and post some pictures of different views.

What's the qualification to be a sparkler vs. a sunburst?

Might be semantics but does the main question have more to do with the manufacturer (Akro or Master)? or the style (Sparklers or Sunbursts)?

I presumed it was about manufacturer. The qualification to be a Sparkler is Akro made it and called it a Sparkler. The qualification for being a Sunburst is Master made it ... and called at least some of them Sunbursts ... though I think the Sunburst name has been generalized to a larger variety of Master marbles than Master may have intended it for.

Edit to add: And to me Hansel's marbles look like they were made by Akro. Except for the stone agates of course. :)

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most accept 4+ colors ... very clear glass in parts of the marble ... vibrant, strong colors ... white wispy-stringy ribbons ... as sparklers. in general, sunbursts .. lack in most of the attributes of a sparkler. not as many colors ... duller in apperance ... altho, some are up to debate with akro. exceptions in both makers ....... bill




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Some of my Salvador Dali sparklers are minimal in color. I just went through my dug Akro box to look at the colors up close and found one which didn't make the cut to get into this picture because it was so dull.


I'm sure I have a couple of not-too-colorful round sparklers somewhere but I can't find them right now.

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