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It deeply saddens us to let all of you know that we have lost another valuable member of our marble community and a very dear friend to many. Clyde Tuller passed away Sept 15, 2014 he was 51 years old. He will be greatly missed by many people. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Kevin & Dolly Plummer

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He was a remarkable marble collector with a superb eye for the rare and beautiful marbles and endless knowledge. I was hoping to drive him up to Sacramento next month to our meeting, but it wasn't meant to be. We held our last meeting at his complex where he lived, knowing he couldn't get around much.

My condolences to his family.


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I had the privilege of first meeting Clyde back in early 2013. I had just started collecting marbles in late 2012 and when we met he immediately made me feel a part of the marble community and focused on educating me and finding out what I liked to collect. From that point forward every time I saw him (which was not enough) he had set aside marbles for me to look at and learn from, marbles he wanted to give me, and marbles he wanted to sell me (always at a bargain).

One of my favorite memories was running into Clyde at the local monthly Antique Fair and introducing him to my wife. I also had to explain to my wife that the chances of us finding any good marbles at the Fair that day they were probably gone since Clyde beat us there. But as usual Clyde pointed me to a couple vendors where he said I might find some interesting marbles. I was just out there a couple of weeks ago and kept looking for him to come zooming around the corner. I think I will keep looking for him.

Thank you Clyde for helping me to love this hobby and being such a wonderful person. I will miss you.

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