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Modern Marble Kings


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This is nice, Edna - thanks. You have some great examples. Are those AV Cat's Eyes the ones they called Pixie Dusts or something? I got a couple of outstanding ones from Beri at the Sistersville show a few years back. All this MK talk reminded me of the piece Beri did on the Colbert Report a few years ago. It was a pretty entertaining little segment: http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/h0bv7g/america-s-job-loss---beri-fox.

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Great clip!

Beri seems like a terrific person.

You just know you could grab a beer with her and talk about any old thing and have a great time.

As is always the case with Edna's photo posts, there are too many exceptional marbles to comment on individually.

But I'm really fond of that rather off-beat translucent looking experimental.

And didn't know there was what I'll call a Marble King 'Pepsi'.

The opening photo here is the second example of small moonies I've seen recently.

I have four moonies of distinctly different sizes at this point, but for some reason an 11/16 is my smallest.

May have to come out of marble-buying retirement and see what I can do at the smaller end of the scale.

Was the use of the term 'moonie-like' because a capital-M 'Moonie' would be reserved for a particular manufacturer?

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Well, two particular manufacturers, yes. Akro and Christensen Agate.

But Berry Pink called some of Peltier's marbles moonies. I suspect he was just referring to a translucent base glass -- might not even have needed to see fire. And if I recall correctly, his version of moonies were allowed to have stripes.

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