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Another Pelt Question

Gnome Punter

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The images just will not take. I have not seen a sunset like this before.

The ribbon is white, normal. The red fills the upper left and lower right quarters of the marble, from the ribbon up and the ribbon down.

Is this unusual or some other type of animal ?

Most of the collection I purchased for the Akros, had a LOT of pelts and I am dumping the pelts on the bay, ergo most of what is up is pelt and the reasons behind my questioning. I know there are so many higher end pelts that have small variances to common pelts...and i know marble people will hoard information to try and "snag" a valued item for pennies, which again is why I ask these questions on pelts. I want to make as much as I can so I have more to spend on what I DO collect

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Here's my mutant 7-up. That red coverage had me going so long I didn't even know it was a Pelt.


I didn't even know the "black" was the base or that it was transparent until one day the sun hit it just right. For the longest time I had it stuck in with my Rainbow Reds.


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