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Happy Birthday Duffy!!!!!

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Yes, Happy Birthday on the Duff-man !

Hey Steve...grab Bill and Griff and Ann, maybe ol' fart Lloyd, and everbody else what wants to, and come on over....we can sit on the porch and celebrate California style, and watch the rain knock the leaves down....bring your own rake....

(make Steph come, too...)

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I think you'd have to go up into the foothills or drive south about eight hours to catch that kind of action, Griff. It's all flat around here. I suspose if we all went to Galen's, we could try to push his house some...

(This is all in good fun, but the truth is Galen is a great friend, even if he isn't a stoner, and you couldn't find a more decent, honest, and fair person to do marble business with. Also, he works and struggles very hard to gather up some semblance of a sense of humor for our amusements. Thank you, Galen.)

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Has this post gotten to where I can make an important slightly off-topic 'coming out' announcement?

"I'm a California boy trapped in a New York City born body!"

I've always known it deep down, and I wish I could come along! But unfortunately I can't.

I do agree that Steph should, though.

Hope you all have a great time! ( :

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