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Another Passing Robert Dean

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Just wanted to tell everyone that Robert Dean has passed.

He came to Sistersville a number of times.Unfortunatly,I do not have a photo of him.

Sammy and Barney refered to him a "Trader Robbie".

He like to trade,anything and everything.

After many years of depression that led to his prescription drug addiction,well,he is at peace now.

He was my friend,and a royal pain in the butt some times.My understanding of his "troubles",was one of the things kept us being social,thru his bad times.

Robbie would appreciate my honesty here,as he did when he was still with us.

I will miss,both the good times,and the troubled times we had.

Rest in peace my friend.

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Griff ----- prayers for you and his family, your words say it all. Depression is a hard, hard thing for many of us. Harder than most people know. It is friends like you that do the most help. I have a feeling you have earned your angel wings many time over.................


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Dad and I first met Robert (and Griff) at a New Philadelphia, Ohio marble show many years ago. Oh what fun we had! Even my Dad who was often crotchety around "young male strangers" took an immediate liking to Robert and truly enjoyed his company.

When Robert was driving truck, he'd stop at the exit 30 truckstop here in New York and he'd give me a call. I'd go meet him and we'd enjoy a meal and a cup of coffee and we'd wheel-n'-deal marbles. Yeah - he carried his marble cases cross country with him! (I still miss the marbles I traded him for an old handmade guitar he'd picked up somewhere on his travels!) :D

I just learned of his passing tonight. He used to call me every couple of months and I hadn't heard from him recently. As I couldn't find his contact info, I googled for it. I sure didn't expect to find his obituary. I felt like I was punched in the gut. And his picture brought back so many wonderful memories.

Rest well Robert. I am really going to miss you friend.

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Robert was a good man with bad troubles.Through all his troubles,he did manage to maintain a "good heart".I could see it as if I was looking at the north star.

My only regret is that I didnt have the opportunity to get him turned around again.

There is a lot of the could have,would have,should have,nibbling at me,but I know,at the end of the day,there was nothing more I could do.I can handle the nibbling,after all,its the kind of thing that makes us who we are.

He was my friend,,,,,he is my friend,,,,,never forgotten.

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