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So the title here was a 'general concept'!

So my random conversation is that I just looked up the word 'birder' and was directed to this link.

I did this because the discussion group for people who use the same camera system I do has a

large number of bird-lovers for no particular reason I can figure out.

I didn't dare use the term incorrectly, and wound up finding the distinctions in terminology interesting.


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Ha! My first big laugh of the day!

And time was running out!

Was definitely not expecting that second shot as I scrolled down.

But as a newbie at this other place, I think it might be a good idea to hold off on passing that one on. :rolleyes:

Here's the shot I liked which made me want to talk 'bird' with these people.

(With a credit and thank you to Dave at the 'Nikon 1 System Talk' forum at 'DPReview')

Apparently it's a Bewick Swan.

They're impressive looking when seen from this angle while landing.

Made me think of a Lockheed C-130! ( :


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(This will be kind of gross, for those who aren't in the mood to read any further)

I learned about this the hard way.

Many years ago a section of highway I traveled regularly suddenly had a massive

amount of 'avian carnage' everywhere you looked.

It bothered me not only for the obvious reasons, but also because I couldn't make

any sense out of birds being hit by cars other than on rare occasions.

Later, it was explained to me that those berries were in 'full bloom', and the birds

were so out of their minds that they couldn't tell the difference between a potential

mate and a Mack truck. The color of the berries made it all look even more horrific.

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Where I grew up in eastern North Carolina we had three gigantic pyracantha bushes in our back yard. Every autumn an awesome number of Cedar Waxwings would descend on them for two days, or until they were stripped bare. The Cedar Waxwings were very beautiful -- but to see those giant bushes covered and working alive with them was borderline spooky. Hitchcockian, even!

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I have no idea where "Cedar" came from. And I realize now that I've been forced to think about it . . . that I've just associated "Waxwing" with the beautiful muted colors of the bird, so I have no idea what "Waxwing" is really based on either.

Shoot. Guess I'll dig out my old field guide.


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Nothing clever on my part. I set up a few trail cameras behind the house. The doves are angel-like dropping in to land and for the most part they are very synchronized. This one's a ham and banked right in front of the lens. It's like x-mas every time I collect the cards to view. This is my desk top for now and no, I don't hunt!


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