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Bob Block Cyberauctions Return


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Back by Popular Demand
Following the last marble auction, a number of bidders emailed me and asked me to bring back the Chat Room Marble Auctions (CyberAuctions). So, the next Marble Auction (#1112 closing Sunday January 11th) will be a Chat Room Auction.

Old time bidders in my auctions will recall that the Cyberauctions were held from 1993 through 2003. In fact, we were the first auctioneer to ever hold live auctions in a chat room. The original Cyberauctions were held in AOL chat rooms, and subsequently moved to the IRC. The Cyberauction chat room is now hosted on Chatzy.

The Cyberauction consists of two phases: Absentee Bidding phase and Live Chat Room phase.

The Absentee Bidding phase lasts from now through the start time of the Chat Room phase, 8PM NYC time on Sunday January 11, 2015. All lots in the auction (with images and descriptions) can be viewed, and absentee bids left, at www.marblecyberauction.com. Click on the Buy/Sell Info link and then Chat Room Auctions for full instructions on how to leave absentee bids for the auction.

The Live Chat Room phase of the auction begins at 8PM NYC on Sunday January 11 2015 in the Cyberauction Chat Room. Full instructions on the live phase can be found at the Buy/Sell Info link mentioned in the previous paragraph.

A full PDF catalogue is available at https://www.marblecyberauction.com/currentcatalogue.pdf.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

What's in the Auction
Marble Auction #1112 will be held on Sunday evening, January 11. This is an auction of 50 lots of handmade, machine made and contemporary marbles.

The auction is being held live in the CyberAuction Chat Room. Absentee Bids can be left at www.marblecyberauction.com. See the links above for full information. This is a Live Chat Room Auction with Absentee Bidding.

There's a nice assortment of marbles in this auction. Almost everything is Mint!

Here's a small sample of the marbles in the auction:


How You Can View The Catalogue
I have prepared a complete catalogue of the 50 lots in the auction. The catalogue listings identify each marble by type, give a short description of the marble, list any defects in the marble, list the size and condition and an estimate of value. One or more images of each lot are available as well. You can view the catalogue (and instructions on participating) in one of two places:

A PDF version of the catalogue listings with one image for each lot can be viewed or downloaded at https://www.marblecyberauction.com/currentcatalogue.pdf or at http://www.marbleauctions.com

You can also view the catalogue listings, with 3 to 5 large images of most lots, at https://www.marblecyberauction.com

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