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I was in a real quandry over this, but it resolved itself, as it turns out.

OK, I went to FSU both BBB (Before Bobby Bowden, for a BA) and DBB (During Bobby Bowden, for a MA). So I've been a Seminole since . . . ah . . . 1965.

Told you I was old.

I never particularly liked either Ohio State or Oregon, although I did live in Ohio (Cleveland) for 18 years, and managed to get tickets to an Ohio State - FSU game in Columbus sometime during the 1980s . . . . and I do have a good old friend from FSU who has lived in Oregon for nigh onto 40 years, and I've visited there, and it's nice . . .

FSU's recent disasterous loss to Oregon, however, left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Yeppers. But I decided I would root for Oregon anyway because that would make FSU look better. And besides, Urban Meyer used to coach at Florida, our deadly enemy. So that's how I started out, full of good and noble intentions.

Then, when Ohio State scored their second touchdown I caught myself yelling "YES" and clapping my hands together. So I guess I disliked Oregon a lot more than I thought I did. So I gave up and allowed myself to hope that Oregon would get beat. Not necessarily that Ohio State would win. But that Oregon would get beat. By multiple touchdowns. And they did. As a result, frankly, I was happy that now Oregon knows how FSU felt after losing to them the way they did. I guess this is also confirmation of something I occasionally say . . .

I never said I was nice.


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The running back for Ohio really delivered for them,,and he's only a sophomore,,,my son played running back as does his son,,,so I have always appreciated watching good running backs,,,the best team last night won,,hats off to both teams for making it to the championship game!!!

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Ann, I don't know why but when I hear FSU it reminds me of a Christmas back when I was 8 or 9. I only want one thing that year really bad and Duncan made it! I woke X-mas morn and dashed to the tree...only one gift with my name on it. Aw, another pair of work gloves I thought! I opened it half-heartedly and much to my surprise...I let out an Oh, Oh YO-YO.....Oh Yo-Yo right in front of the whole clan! Everyone chanted this like a mantra for what seemed like days! Even at supper, we were having hot and I mean HOT crab legs, the chant went on! I don't know why but I stood and screamed "blank her right in the blank!"! Everyone loved it and carried my around on their shoulders..... oh the memories......

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