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Hi. I was given a nice collection roughly 40 years ago, and it was just an old collection back then. They have been moved multiple times, and most times not with knowledgeable marble care.

After all these years, I am just beginning to research what I might have. I might be interested in selling.

I just attempted to upload some pictures, but to no avail, error message that files are too large.

Marble research is very time consuming for a beginner but I have learned some things.

Thank you, and I look forward to learning more.

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Welcome Sara.

You can use a program such as Windows Paint to crop and resize photos to make them small enough to upload as an attachment. Or a host such as Photobucket can help you organize and post pictures also.

If all else fails you could email me some of the photos and I could post them for you. Send me a PM if you'd like my email address.

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