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Yes. Vitro Agate Tiger Eye on the bottom right. Circa 1950's.

The amber one could be a slag.

The blue ones are Peltier Rainbos.

When we talk about Peltiers you may hear the name "Rainbos" in three different ways. (Three that I can think of right now.)

There are the basic Rainbos. Which the blue ones are. They were introduced in the mid- to late-30's, and continued to be made for decades.

There are the National Line Rainbos, which are earlier than the basic rainbos. Late 20's (I think) and early 30's.

There are the Multicolor Rainbos (of which you have a lot), which are from the National Line period. So around the early 30's. (Just because you have a lot doesn't make them not special. It's cool to see so many together.)

You also have some Peltier Rainbos up in the green section. (Plus one or more WV swirls.)

p.s. Marble King made Rainbows, with the 'w' left on the name. Pelt left the 'w' off. :)

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