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Sara's Newest Pics


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Here are a couple more pix Sara sent.

Big attachments here. This first set are the ones which have gotten the most comments already, newly sorted.


And here are some more for extra comments. I have a larger version on my computer. I could post clips from it separately if anyone asks.


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For the boulders in the middle:


I think A is a Peltier Rainbo. I think B is some kind of Akro patch.

Do C and F both form a corksrew? If so, C would be an Akro Prize Name. I'm not sure from the pic here (and other pix in the other thread) what Akro's name for F would have been.

I may have to look at the other threads to get a better idea on D and E. Do they cork or they patches?

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Still think you might have a Pelt 7-Up in there. :)

The fourth one from the left ... undernearth the red and white boulder which I just labeled B .... I'm pushing for 7-Up on that. :D

On that same row ... the row right under the boulders .... all the way the to the right ... I'm calling that a Vitro Tri-Lite ... from the 1930's.

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