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The Little Things In Life


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I have had maybe five baths in the last fifteen years.

The situation isn't quite as bad as it sounds.

I do have a cruddy little shower at home which is

functional, but just not particularly enjoyable.

So it was a big deal the other night when I had reason

to stay overnight in a hotel. I was so excited about getting

to soak in a hot tub that I decided to take a picture to

commemorate the joyous occasion.

The usually very hard-to-please people at my camera forum

seemed to really like this photo, so I thought I'd post it here too. ( :


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I have had as many showers as you have had baths. I truly dislike showers and am blessed to have a bathtub so big I can stretch out in it also it has no overflow so if you want you can fill it nearly 18 inches deep. Enjoy your future baths.

All my best ... Danny

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Bob, I have been swimming in an old ball and claw tub for the last 28 years. I do enjoy a shower once in awhile but nothing beats soaking in a hot bath with a cigarette and a ice cold coke cola in hand.

I like the pic, too.

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Thank you all for the kind comments.

This shot's off-topic of course, but it got me wondering how many black and white

marble photos have been posted here. Outside of old historical shots, I don't suppose

the situation would come up too often. My gruesome Halloween shot (which not too many

people seemed to like here) just had to be b+w, but I think that's the only one I've ever

posted. There was a mineral sphere I tried to do a moody foggy shot of once, but that one

didn't work out. I do have another in mind if I ever come across a piece of zebra skin! ( :

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This is a very cool piece of work!

I don't remember seeing this before, although a similar one where you see

the artist reflected in a sphere being held in one hand is a particular favorite of mine.

The three different 'qualities' here are very interesting, although a little confusing.

Not sure if I should think about them at length or just appreciate them for their own sake. ( :

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