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A Little Help Please?


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Couple things i've noticed

On Matts the coloured ribbons seem to go narrow fat squiggle yet the edges on the ribbons are sharp and some have a little bit of Transparent green traveling along side an against the red

unlike the Pic Cheese has put up were the ribbons go on some narrow fat squiggle but bleed or blend into the green and have no green transparent traveling along side


On Mons pic the ribbons don't seem to get narrow fat narrow and squiggle more so they are fat and go skinny and end with tips even the blunt ends have little tips hanging of but do have the transperent green travelling along the red ribbons

Hope that makes some sense

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OH bugger the image is tiny hope you dont mind Matt ive copied your picture and reposted it with Photobucket hoping having the three pictures on the same page might be handy


Very odd cant seem to copy any of your pics this one isnt one you have posted

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I think the difference between mine and Matts is just the difference in time of production. I imagine every time they ran this color combo, they didn't exactly match the batch they ran a couple months or years before. I imagine they could have changes in characteristics due to temp changes, changes in the glass they got from their suppliers, tweaks and repairs made to the machinery, efforts to cheapen the process, etc... Just my speculation.

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Hi Cheese , yes these look a good match.How can you differentiate between CAC and some of the Alley swirls, when it's thought Alley purchased the CAC production machines?

Does anyone have a comparison pic?, or is based on personal opinion and gut instinct?

Thanks in advance.


hmmmm ... when l.e. alley started up in sistersville, he, alley, built his 2 machines, thru his own expertise, at skaggs machine in sisters. he had hands on. a very multi-talented man. as far as i know, all the locations had machines that were .. locally .. built. i believe, as do several, that it was c.a. that came to ravenswood with the sledgehammers, .. not akro. c.a. and alley were the ONLY makers of swirls in that time period. akro sold .. materials to alley. made money off alley. alley was in direct competition with c.a. so i don't think c.a. machines rolled out alley's. st. mary's red-green are bit duller in color than c.a.'s ... bill

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