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Pelt Liberty?


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Darla, i have found three types of pelt "Liberties". These may range from the swirl type to the plain four ribbon "rainbo" types. The easiest way is to just think red, white and blue or the orange ones also. then break them down to the time they were made, early or late. If you want more info just ask. Chuck G--

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Darla, here you go, and some may agree with this and some may dissagree. Try to make this easy to understand.

"Liberty"-a white (opaque) base with swirls or ribbons of reddish/or orangish colors, can be opaque or transparent, may have av

"Translucent Liberties"-a translucent whitish base with same as above

"Clear Liberties"-a completely clear bubbly base with the same as above.

note: the base colors can be a different shade also but still lean on the same family type. There are many many "Liberty" types to be found, even up to the (six) ribbon type. I think and still wonder where the six ribbon types came into time frame provinance. Looking into the six ribbon type, the (only) two blue ribbons wheather they be opaque blue or transparent blue, (LIE) on opposite poles, one on left and one on the right, looking at it from the seam side, like the example shown on this thread. Hope this can be understood a bit better. Chuck G--

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