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Marble Mail When I Got Home!!!


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Got my "gamble" in the mail today,,,2 green rebels with AV,,,3 Christmas trees...3 ketchup and mustard...4 rebels with AV...one liberty,,,one dragon,,,one burned zebra (like Stephs)...3 zebras with AV ( 2 have some owies) ALOT of nice corks including limeades lemonades and even an orange ade..maybe 12 nice ppp's....some nice other patches,,,and at least 6 of those akro "crow" things that I know nothing about so those are new to me...so I am wondering if I did ok on the lot? I really have no idea what market value is for these...very very few reg pelt rainbos which I was disappointed about,,hopefully I can get some pics taken tomorrow before work.

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