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IF I ever get to go to a marble show,,,how much money do I need so save up before I go? What I mean is,,,do the prices compare to ebay? are they more reasonable? more expensive? I realize the golden rebels the guineas ,,,the very hard to find stuff would be out of my league,,,but what about nice ox? or WV swirls? or pelt NLR's? or vitro elites? Just some general information would be very helpful for me,,,thanks all.

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More common marbles can be bought very reasonably.

When you go to a show, some new people become aware the marbles they own are not as rare as they thought.

You will also see stuff you never knew existed.

There are dollar bins and also marbles with price tags of thousands of dollars

Something for everyone. It is a great experience.

I wish I was in Canton right now....

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How much money to take is a very good question. It all depends upon your level of collecting.

My 1st marble show I took a $100. It was gone in the first room I came to. The second show I took $500

and that lasted about an hour. Soon after I was up to $1000 which took me to another level. The most I ever took to a show was $5000.

Set your priorities and know what you are looking for and approximately how much it will cost.

Going to shows is the best way to gain knowledge and see the marbles in hand.


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If you do not get too caught up in one room do as much wandering as you can I think you will always find some marbles a lot cheaper at a show that any where else. I know I sold a bunch for a lot less than I could have got for them if listed on Ebay. And in turn I bought a bunch for a lot less than I would have had to have paid on Ebay. And even though the Holiday in messed with Brian and the Saturday show pretty much tanked It was still a fantastic show with all the room trading. CAC Bait. paid less than 100 for the pair


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I was at the Canton show on Saturday, and feel like I got a lot of great marbles for not a lot of money (a couple hundred bucks). I don't buy anything high end (yet), but found a lot of marbles that I love in the $1 to $5 range. Marbles that I've seen sell for many times that on ebay. And seeing the rare (and expensive) marbles in person is MINDBLOWING. Pictures just do not do great marbles justice! Also, the people are great, and very generous, at times giving me discounts that I didn't even ask for! I also took a few from my collection that I was having trouble IDing and everyone I asked was happy to help, including Istmmrls (not sure if its ok to use your real name). I love auctions, estate sales, yard sales, antique stores, etc, but there's nothing like going to a show--lots of great minds thinking alike I guess :).

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Oh, also bought a couple of really nice display boxes made by Griff that he had given a peek of in an earlier thread about snowstorm activities (I think), and that I was hoping he'd bring. Hardest working man in marbles, that guy :P .

............ grif ... hardworking ... yea .. if he would put that boat to it's .. proper .. use .. :blink: .... waiting.. waiting ... griff .... :icon_popcorn: ... bill

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I would treat a marble show,like you would a casino.Take what you are prepared,NOT to come home with.


I had to stop making marble cases for now.

Im designing a shock collar for Bill,so I dont lose my boat at an undisclosed island.

Im thinking something in a 220,double pole should do the trick!

I got a rocking chair down stairs,its dusty,and I dont plan on putting any butt prints on it,any time soon!

I carry at least 3 fishing licenses every year because I like to multi task when going to marble shows.

That running from point a to point b and back again is boring.

Life is short,,,,,,,,,

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The joy in attending the shows is the people!!!!! Oh, and all those beautiful marbles as well.

To put faces with individuals you have met only on the marble forums or purchased from on Ebay is priceless!! It's almost like you have known them forever and two lost friends are finally getting back together.

And I never have enough money to get all I want but I always have a smile on my face on the trip home from what I was able to afford.


Life is a Journey Not a Guided Tour

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