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Nasty Rumor Running Amuck

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I wish I knew who said this because he/she is lying. But I forgive whomever it is. Have a very nice day and please whoever you are think twice before you declare someone else as being dead when they aren't. ----Leroy----


It happens, even to the best



No biggie if you're not really dead.

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It was called to my attention yesterday that I am dead. Nothing could be further from the trueth. Be it known that I am still alive and doing marbles every day. ----Leroy----

Sorry that this has happened to you but..... this is without a doubt one of the funniest posts that I've ever read, thanks for the early morning laugh, I'm glad your still alive.

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Well by golly, here it is Wenesday Feb. 18, 2015 and I'm still going strong. No sign of being dead yet even though if I go outside and stay very long that could be the case as the mean temp is 8 with the chill temp -14.I hope you folks have a very nice day, I know I will----Leroy----

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Hey, Leroy!

Glad you're still with us.

Have you confirmed that your identity is okay?

Like using your ATM card, or something like that?

I'm just hoping that this was only a 'casual' nasty rumor,

and not something that might get into the 'system' somehow.

Just looking out for you! Don't mean to be a bring-down! ( :

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Thanks guy's. I have checked all cards. etc. This has happened before and it just turned out to be a "joke" and as long as it isn't true I hope whomever started the rumor got the enjoyment out of it that they were looking for. Some people have a lot of time on their hands. At any rate I'm happy and enjoying myself with my wife, animals, and reconditioning marbles----Leroy----

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