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Hello All,

I am new to this site. I truly want to learn more about the marbles that I own. I think they are beautiful and each one has a story. My grandfather passed away in 1994. I found a few tins of marbles when cleaning out his house. My son was young at the time, so I decided to keep them. I guess I thought that at some point he would play with them. He never did and I always kept them hidden away. Years later I decided to find out more about them. One tin was full of handmade glass marbles. The other was filled with machine made marbles. My grandfather's family came from Germany, so I always wondered if the handmade marbles followed them here. I decided to research more and probably have learned just enough to be dangerous! I did go to a marble show a few years back and got conflicting information on some of them. I am here to find out more about the world of marbles. This seems like an interesting site with a lot of good information.


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Adding them to the gallery is one way.

They can also be added as attachments in the "use full editor" option. They may need to be resized in order to do that. I use Windows Paint to resize. Galen (lstmmrbls) will also probably recommend a resizer. (I need to remember that one. :))

Or some post from a host like Photobucket.

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