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Champion? Ravenswood?

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Could be so many people. Alley, Champion, Cairo Novelty, ....

It doesn't look like it would fit in my Ravenswood box, but my Ravenswood box is small.

I suppose it does look like it might fit into some of these packages: http://marbleconnection.com/topic/6857-mostly-pix-ravenswood

Basic red & white was done by so many.

Ooops, that just reminded me. I think I have another Ravenswood box and maybe a Ravenswood bag. I need to find those and confirm them. That would substantially increase my Ravenswood sample for comparison.

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The swirls are tough for me to tell apart. :)

Join the crowd, atohtej, you could spend a life time scratching your head trying to figure them all out. I am relatively lazy when it comes to mystery swirls and just group them all together as West Virginian made, lol.

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