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I inherited a big box o'marbles from someone who saved them from childhood, probably more than 60 years ago. They came to me because I make glass mosiacs, but I don't want to ruin anything valuable. But I have no clue how to get started identifying value. I've found a few websites, and now I'm completely overwhelmed. I think I understand pontils, but apparently some are pretty hard to see. I have some marbles that look like they have small pinholes in them, some have creases, and some have larger round marks with a point in the center (like a tiny volcano). Some of the marbles are quite pretty, and most are in really nice condition. I'm hoping to find a few good reference books and websites. Suggestions?

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Hello. Welcome.

If you'd like to take a big group shot we might be able to give you an idea about the rough age of the marbles.

Glad you're aware of the importance of condition. Don't rummage through them or pour them out. Handle them with some gentleness until you know what you have. :)

Joemarbles.com is a good site if you get to the point of trying to ID some marbles by maker.

Pinholes and creases and the like are often "cold-rolls" and "as-mades" and damage, not pontils. (Cold-rolls are where marbles weren't quite hot enough to be completely smoothed over when they went down the rollers.)

But if you give us a quick preview we might be able to give you an idea of whether you're looking at handmade or machine-made marbles and roughly which decade they're from.

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