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Hello All,

This marble was purchased off a live auction on the internet as a "leighton" transitional (ground pontil transitional). After receiving the marble it was fairly obvious (correct me if I'm wrong) that this marble is a remelt. The pontil is not correct as it should be ground, the glass is extremely clear and the surface is very smooth to the touch and the marble as a whole is very out of round. Also, there are areas in the surface that just don't look right which I've tried to include in the pictures along with small spots of glass sticking up from the surface.




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It looks like it was dipped. There was a substance (that I'd prefer to not name) that was used 15+ years ago to improve the surface of handmades. It was moderately good at concealing nicks, light wear and some subsurface moons.

When applied - the surface wasn't the same feel as glass.

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