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CA cullet

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Four marble collectors were walking down the street in Cambridge Ohio. They spied something on the sidewalk ahead of them. "What's this?" said the first collector "It looks like dog poop." The second collector picks it up and says "It feels like dog poop." The third collector smells it and says "It smells like dog poop." The forth collector takes a bite and says "It tastes like dog poop too." All four together say "I'm sure glad we found out it was dog poop before we stepped in it."

I'm Hip,

Lloyd Huffer

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No, No!! The Exotics I posted aren't mine. In fact, I don't know who to credit the photo to. I pulled it from a post on Alan's Board several years ago and just remembered where I'd filed it. I believe it shows a good representation of what are considered Exotics. For me, seeing this many in one shot serves to strengthen my opinion that they are not vintage Christensens...but what do I know?


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Guest marbleus1

What if? (okay we could what if anything) The exotic's were the next generation CAC, an expansion of there knowledge and skills. This is a company who was taking machined marbles in to new levels. The Great Depression stopped them in there tracks. New era of un-marketed marbles, no large runs to date, no large amounts of cullet (this is a company that knew how to mix glass) past experimental and getting ready for their next line. Not enough to sell, no marketing of new line, bury them?

What if?


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Dan, I'll try taking a shot at your question. To me, the "exotics" are usually striped opaques and transparents with wildly colorful designs. I think it's now generally accepted that the so-called "circus marbles" are in fact German. (I could be way wrong though.) I saw the circus marbles at a show a few years ago. They were also incredibly bright colored designs. Hope this hasn't just confused the question at hand which is about the authenticity of the exotics as a CA produced marble.

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What I find interesting and have been waiting to see....are same run

marbles. There "appears to be at least 2 examples in Bob's Pic that

finally show this.

There are 2 Pink/White and Light Green......that seem "same run'ish"

2 DarkGreen Base with Red and Yellow Swirl/Ribbons....... :unsure:

CULLET and REJECTS : If.......(IF) these were the LAST RUN of CAC's

the reason there may be NO CULLET or REJECTS is that all of this

material was simply tossed back into the FURNACE...................and

then........"SHUT'ER DOWN "................. :unsure:

It just seems to weird that these would be buried instead of boxed up

and put in "moth balls" somewhere........ <_<

RAR................... :huh:

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no one has asked the question 'who has the machines?' where did the machines go folks? seems to me, at the end of cac's days, how many marble making machines did they have? surely more than one... is there a bluepeint somewhere in the patend office? if someone were to get just one machine, just think of the fun they could have!

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