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Hi my name is Kim and I have inherited about 600 marbles from my grandfather. He gave them to me in an old army lockbox. I have bought books, gone to the library, downloaded books on my kindle and have asked several other sites for help but I'm still not getting it. There are so many different makers and colors. I don't understand how you do it. How do u identify a marble? I'm so afraid that I will think one is a valuable piece and it turn out to be something totally off. I've read through some of your topics and think it's great that you are helping people like me. I'm gonna post some pics of marbles and I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks in advance. Just call me clueless. 😒

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Hi Kim.

Hope we can help.

It can take awhile for things to click. But there are a few famous types which are easier than others to recognize. If you get those down then you can work on the others by process of elimination.

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Steph's right about just starting with a few types. Pick out all your corkscrews, for example . . .

And keep in mind that many (if not most of us) here are (and will remain) a little clueless about some type or other. A recent confessional thread revealed that pretty much everyone, even long-time collectors, struggled with identifying patches by company.

But the fog will gradually clear in many areas -- really!

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