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Please Post Pics Of Akro Slags


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I apologize if this thread already exists (please link if it does), i am starting to go through my slags and I have read that akro made more of these than the other marble makers combined. Since they are most abundant, I think learning what is an Akro slag will help learn what is not an akro. Please post any pics/tips you have. Thanks!

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Actually, it is better to learn was isn't Akro, since they have no defining traits.

Here are some examples:

Peltier: Feathery pattern

CAC: One or two seams


MFC: The "9" and tail


hope this helps

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Dan's right. When it comes to machine-made slags, they're all Akro EXCEPT:

1. The "feathered" ones, which are Peltier

2. The ones with 1 or 2 seams, which are Christensen

#1 Peltier, #2 CAC



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That makes sense. I have read that some early akros had the "9" and tail as well. Would the color be the key to Id in those instances?

Not always, but it can be. For instance, no red glass has ever been found at the MFC site, so if you find a hand-gathered red slag with a nine-and-tail it's not at all likely to be MFC.

Otherwise . . . I don't really know, but I suspect not, since Akro wound up with some of MFC's glass formulas, including their (what we call) oxblood.

I wish I could remember where I read this -- maybe someone else (younger and more alert) will -- but it stays in the back of my mind when I'm looking at slags with no distinguishing features . . . that it was possible that when Akro started making their own slags (they sold MFC ones until there were no more) they deliberately avoided the MFC signature nine-and-tail in favor of a random pattern, which would be identified with them, and seem "newer."


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These both have a 9 and tail, but I would suspect different makers. Is the one on the left modern?

attachicon.gif2015-07-01 08.12.21.jpg

The one on the left looks old.

And I see why you think it looks different.

I remember discussion about Akro "9"s not looking so much like 9's. Maybe more like 4's sometimes?

I definitely see why you might think Akro here:


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I would say MFC on both.

On the other hand,I was told once,MFC__Peltier__ Akro__Cac,have made in their early period handgathered slags.


All I have to go on for Peltier is that their known early hand-gathered slags - the Cerises -- don't have the 9-pattern characteristics. Don't think the Prima Agates fall into the slag category, but the few of those I've seen don't either. And, of the few early slags recovered from the Pelt site that I know of, neither do they. Others may have examples, though. Love to see them if they do!

And HG CACs of any description are so thin on the ground, I tend to discount that ID almost automatically.

My personal opinion -- as applies to me only! -- is that the vast majority of American nine-and-tails are MFC (except red ones), and the random-patterned ones are all Akro, unless something jumps out and hits me on the head that they're not (like, they're still in their original box!). Odds are.

Hansel has a noteworthy collection of original boxes. Wonder if he has any observations -- Hansel?

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all the other Pelt colors were boxed at the same time as the Cerises were , The Cerises being more expensive they were the only type that was boxed separately. I have noticed that Arnold may have taught a slightly different gathering technique resulting in fewer 9s . they also probably made some slags that were not handgathered and not made with the feathered glass pattern. Also CAC made a number of 9 and tail slags as did Akro IMO. Look at their oxbloods, which would have been made in the same way. I also do have some marbles that the Pelt guys swear are Primas and they have nice 9s on them. And they paid a premium for the 9s I sold to them. Maybe there are also many early Pelt slags with 9s but they didn't get kept as Pelts??

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Maybe there are also many early Pelt slags with 9s but they didn't get kept as Pelts??

I think this is the answer to a lot of our questions -- the only answer we're likely to have, anyway.

Unless they're found in their original boxes, who knows? Speaking of that -- nice Cardinal Reds, Alan!

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