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Here Are Some Of My Favorites

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The Display was purchased by my wife from Dan Nauth at the Decatur Show a couple of years ago.

Love the display great idea great piece.

If was a great surprise when she gave it to me.

I am working with my neighbor to make some more of these for myself.

If I see interest from the community I may make some for sale.


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Now Ron... I don't know why you like the Pelts so much, I mean after all, there are soooo many other companies to collect ;)

I think I recognize a couple of those beauties!

What is inside of your No. 28 box? Slags?

Looking forward to catching up this fall in Decatur. BTW - welcome to the forum.

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Hi Chad, Looking forward to Decatur myself-- You going to Madison? Autumn will be making a couple of day/night visits to Madison it is very hard to get away with my mother-in-law needing care and the puppies we have now.

The No. 28 Box had a mix of marbles in it. Pelts (NLRs, Slags, and MCS) CACs, Arkos, and a sneaky Vitro.

I have been looking for one a long time.

I have back filled the box with NLR's for now.

I am going to have a hard time finding the Yellow Slags to complete the box to original.

Let me see if I have a picture of the original contents and now backfilled.


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