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Super Sulphide For Sale

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This super Man and Woman sulphide has been in my collection for over 30 years.

I have had so many show an interest in this sulphide, I have decided to sell it.
It is listed on eBay now-

Seller :

100% Positive feedback
Ebay Item # 121730202793
The marble auction closes next Monday, the 24th of August.

Good luck in the bidding.

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Hey, Lloyd!

I've never paid much attention to sulphides in the past.

But this is surely a really nice marble even to one who knows nothing about them!

And clearly it's even 'nicer' to people who do!

I'm currently in one of my evening 'contemplative moods' and 'thinking about stuff' too much.

(Please forgive me in advance!)

Can't help thinking that most people probably assume that the sale of a high value item is

always a 'celebration event'. Probably true for 'pure business' people, and nothing wrong with that.

But my gut instinct tells me that this is going to be 'bittersweet' for you, at best.

Obviously anyone 'serious' enough to be interested in this will be thrilled if they get it.

So I hope you'll take some comfort in knowing that keeping marbles in circulation is

a good karma way of 'spreading the joy'!

Good luck with the auction. I've been pointing it out to a few of my friends who like to plan

birthday and Christmas gifts well in advance, but I'm not holding my breath! :P

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