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Marble 'sizing'


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A long time ago I was having trouble 'getting' the whole concept of standard marble sizes.

Got a lot of great information from many people here.

Was feeling a little 'fuzzy' on the subject today, so I went back and looked at the old posts.

It was a great 'refresher course'. And although I did a good job at the time of gratefully

acknowledging all the terrific help I was given, I couldn't help noticing today that I never

responded directly to one especially good post.

It's particularly clever, and I think worth repeating. Thanks, Ric! ( :

This is how I think about standard (max) size designations: 0008/16", 009/16" 10/16", 11/16", 12/16", 13/16", 14/16", 15/16" & 16/16".

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For collecting purposes, it might be important to more precisely specify size (to 1/32" or even 1/64"). But for packaging and sales purposes, if they didn't go through the #0 hole and they did fit through the #1 hole they were sized as #1s, which means #1 marbles ranged in size from >5/8" to <11/16". This is a pretty big range when you think about it (just shy of 1/8"). But when you're making kid's toys by the boxcar, it's probably a reasonable tolerance.

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