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Onionskin Or Josephs Coat?


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I'd call it a Joseph's Coat if it were mine. Not to say everyone would do the same. But that's where I usually go if the colored strands are distinct from one another and run from pole to pole. Can't tell if it has a colorless base or not. Joseph's Coats usually do.

For me to call it an onionskin, there would have to be an undercoat (white? yellow?), and the strands could and would intrude on one another, and generally don't run from pole to pole. Some surface farther down and others disappear . . .

But that's just me.

And I've never seen a Joseph's Coat with lutz, even though I scavenged fairly religiously for Joseph Coats once upon a time.

Anyway. It's nice!

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Hi: I agree with Ann and for all of her reasons. It's a very nice Joseph's Coat with Lutz. As a reference, you can go to Stanley Block's Hard Cover Book entitled "Antique Glass End-Of-Day Marbles" published in 2002. He has a section "Joseph's Coat with Lutz" starting on page 116 and running through page 120. Lots of nice pictures, including some 4 Panel Joseph's Coat Lutzes. I've also sold several, similar to yours, over the years at U.S. Marble Shows. Enjoy. Bob

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