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Saturday Night's All Right For Marble Runs!


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I thought some people would find it amusing that the advertising for the Dremel 3D 'printer' included

marbles and some 'track' that had been made with the machine.

But it was not to be. That's okay. I don't take it personally! :(

Got me thinking, though, that we haven't seen any marble runs posted recently.

Here's one I just saw on 'the tube' that was done pretty recently.

It's interesting to me how these things are 'exciting' and 'relaxing' at the same time. :)

(Kind of looks like a 'Moonie', but it's hard to tell.)


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One of my first two thoughts whenever I see marble runs is that these people don't have cats.

Sorry .... I think I may have clicked on the Dremel ad but then I wandered away quickly .... missed the marbles ... have never connected with power tools. :)

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Hah! This new 'category' is great!

I haven't checked it out until now, because I usually go to 'The Lounge' first,

and now that takes an extra 'click' of the scroll-wheel on the mouse to get to.

Naturally, I'm too worn-out after that to continue to other topics! :rolleyes:

Amazing creations. Very impressive.

As your editor, I have to point out that it's not clear

whether you're referring to 'marble runs' or 'cats' here. :P

.....my guess would be a mill ball or something with a bit more mass.

Hah again! That's a great point. After the really interesting recent 'discussion'

about weight, I'm embarrassed that it never occurred to me to consider that this

could be a significant factor with marble runs. With some of these fancy setups,

I'll bet it could be downright critical! ( :

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I just stared at the screen watching the youtube. Interesting idea to route it across house and garden. And an interesting track system.

But there is also the underwater marble run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJU90-ouqGQ

I never ever have seen something like this before.

I just would like to know if those underwater run was just trial and error or if some calculations and estimations were done before building it. Anyway - crazy idea for hot summer days...

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