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Cool..they Do Glow


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They look great!

JoAnne, you might want to consider getting a black light bulb from your local big orange box store.

They have an ultra-violet bulb in that modern (to me) 'squiggly' style.

Because it fits into any traditional lightbulb lamp, it might make the 'lighting process'

for photos a lot easier for you. They're around five bucks.

Another thing I like to mention when the subject of black light comes up is that flashlights and other

devices that use LED bulbs aren't always the best choice for 'marble people'. The 'frequency response'

of the light isn't the same as the bulb mentioned above. So you might be short-changing yourself.

A bulb based on the old 'gas in a tube' design will often give you a brighter overall 'glow', and sometimes

make certain areas in the marble glow that the flashlight won't.

Sorry for the nerdy lecture! Hoping it might be useful for at least a small number of people! :lol:

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Kbobam...I did after much searching found a regular,not squiggly old fashioned black light bulb,had no luck with it,but the little flashlight is doing the trick.I will have to look some more,I know which store you are talking about and that would make taking pictures much easier..and thank you very much for your advice..I do appreciate it

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