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Cac #5 Slag Box


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Just bought this Cac #5 box. The box is pretty beat up, missing 2 sides but it did come with the original rope! I knew from the pics that the blue ones were beat up, but the rest are dead mint. There is a row of true peach. One of the peach marbles has a big chip out of a wet surface, the same for the Vaseline. I haven't seen Vaseline that big and they are cool. Four of the Amber ones are mint too. One of the peach and Vaseline are hand gathered which I thought was interesting. Marbles are 7/8-1". You guys ever see Vaseline cacs this big?







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Really very nice, thanks for posting. If you felt so inclined, a few more pix and different views of these would be great! Hard to tell just now, but notice how there appear to be some with less white ribbons, and some that are busy with white around the seam, and some that are biased to one side of the seam? Helpful to see that in one place. Wondering too if the ones that appear HG are really just random nine looking patterns which I think form, not on the pole, but on the equatorial region nearer the seam. I have a number of 'kinda' nines that I take to be random luck rather than HG. The brown one mixed in with the blue ones is just like another brown (may be just a bad batch of amber) example that a friend of mine has, and that we've taken to be CAC. Also good to see some of those bent and twisted seams so as to know what they might appear like when they are not straight.

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