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Lot Of Marbles On Ebay Thoughts Ends Today 9/9


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Hi. Welcome.


First thought: That's a very high starting price for four pounds of marbles. [Edit: I see that you had a very low starting price, not the $585 that the bid is now at. Sorry about that confusion.]

Second thought: The steelie shouldn't be stored with them, and should not be allowed to touch them during shipping.

Third thought: There are some _very_ nice marbles there. However, you'll probably have better luck reaching your monetary target if you sell some of the nicer ones separately, with good individual pictures so that people can make informed judgments about condition.

There's a big difference in value between truly mint marbles and those in near mint condition.

Hope this helps!

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Well the lot did good as most would agree we rarely get as much as we want for our marbles, the steely is an actual hollow (i think peltiere made them) marble. My though in selling the lot had more to do with time, as listing single marbles is very time consuming. thanks for your input I may sell some more in the near future but the proceeds from this sale will help to get me going again. Actually looking at a lot from a gentleman in a few days.

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