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Peewee Marbles Are So Cool!


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Let's see your 1/2" or under peewees!

Pee wee with a wide strip of oxblood w/ aventurine.
A bad picture .....


True 1/2" and under pee wee corkscrews. In all my years of collecting marbles, these are the only Akro peewees I have been able to acquire. Pee wee corks are scarcer than hen's teeth!


A few cross through cateyes. 2 are peewees with their original little cardboard box.


A couple more peewee cross-throughs (and some larger cross-throughs):

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Nice! I have a question about peewees...I use a digital calipers, so when I get 0.54", which is under 5/8, 9/16 and really around 17/32, would these also be peewees? Strictly speaking, by measurement, it would round down to 0.50". I see some conflicting data in regard to this. I have an oxblood around 0.52" and some corks around 0.54"...but they are tiny and are clearly much smaller than my smaller 5/8" mibs. I know they are not perfectly round either...so what is your opinions of the lower limit or range? Just wondering. John

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I think that in olden days that would have qualified as a peewee. Kids would have called 'em peewees and they could have been sold in the occasional peewee packaging.

However, modern collectors are very strict. 0.5000" or below.

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As Steph says a lot of marbles were boxed as peewees that were over 1/2" but that means nothing in the collecting world. A lot of size sorting was done with 2 rods like a marble run than got slightly larger as the marbles rolled down. They dropped down to containers underneath as they rolled and fell through the widening rods, So there was a pretty big size variance it what actually got boxed. CACs are just kinda close(LOL)

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Huh! Galen's mention of the '2 rods' was very interesting to me!

Hadn't heard of that before.

(My attorney has advised me to mention that any thoughts of mine that may

have resulted from this new knowledge are not necessarily shared by him.)

Since this technique would probably be the basis for stated 'manufacturers

variation tolerances' or whatever you want to call that sort of thing, I'd

personally want to make what I'd call a 'reasonable exception' for boxed

or bagged marbles that are clearly labeled as 'peewees'. The 'intent' was

there, and being a hair or two off doesn't change that.

Of course there's nothing wrong if you want to say "Well sure that's a nice

box of Pelt peewees! They just aren't really!"

Question of semantics. Not a big deal.

But I'd stick with '.5 or smaller' ninety-nine percent of the time. ( :

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I have seen the little peewee boxes package in Christmas stocking toy sets and in gum ball machine capsules. they are a fun little box.

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I got a lot of peewees in my stocking in 1976 .... teeny tiny clearies. (And bigger clearies.) So pretty.

I so wish I still had those. But I got some replacements which remind me of them. They _were_ in a jar on top of the entertainment center. A small clear flat-ish bottle for vanilla which showed them off nicely. But _apparently_ I put them in some other "safe" place.

Gotta figure out what I did with 'em .......

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