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Akro Ades

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What are the different marbles which collectors have tagged as Ades?

Lemonade and Limeade of course.

Then Cherry Ade and Blueberry Ade. And is there an Orange Ade?

Edit: There may be both Blueberry Ades and Blueberry Limeades.

Are there any other Ades?

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From all I have read, there are lemonades, limeades, orangeades,cherryades, and carnelians. Ades must have a milky off white glass and filaments of white, plus another color corked or swirled (very similar definition in several books). I haven't seen blue ones with the white filaments, so those may be moss agates or aces

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Here are two different Blueberries from a previous discussion. Both marbles sold by Marblealan.

This was called a Blueberry Ade:


This was called a Blueberry Limeade:


The Blueberry Limeades were said to be more common than the Blueberry Ades.

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So now that's a good question, which I don't know the answer two.

Are Hack's marble and Winnie's top middle marble Orange-Ades? Cherry-Ades? Something else?

I started to wonder if they were Carnelians, but the red-orange seems too solid for a Carnelian, right?




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I think they would qualify as Ades (if they glow). But one person's orange is another's red so I think you might get differing opinions about orange or cherry. From what i can see, I might go cherry on Hack's and Orange on Winnie's but then, what do I know.

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The marble I posted is 15/16" and glows,it also corks. I have a like marble similar except it's yellow like Winnie's. I thought moss agates didn't cork. By the way, what's the difference between a Carnelein and a Cornelein ?

For rocks, Carnelian and Cornelian are the same.

M F Christensen's American Cornelian was oxblood -- those are the famous bricks. I believe that Akro called their bricks Red Striped Carnelians in the 1910's. So those are different from when Akro used the Carnelian name again in the 1930's.

Akro's Cornelians from the 20's look like so -- not quite a slag but similar:


So you can see the difference between that and the Akro Carnelian of the 30's.

Akro's Moss Agates came in different patterns: Swirl and cork as well as patch. Collectors call the swirly and corky ones different things now -- Ades, Aces, Ringers, Blue Eggyolks, etc. -- but for Akro they were Moss Agates.

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Cornelians are more like Bricks but not oxblood, as I understand it. But one of the big problems with this discussion is that there is so much variation in marbles (maybe even in what Akro actually packaged in the same boxes) and boxes can be backfilled with the "wrong" marbles. I have seen huge variations in marbles in both Cornelian and Carnelian boxes. So much so, that I am not entirely sure how to define them.

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