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Akro Ades

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"Sugared"? This can't be 'politically correct' these days!

At least according to one cereal manufacturer who makes something

called 'Corn Pops'. My 'wisdom and experience' (what a nice way to

put it!) allows me to know that this isn't the 'real' name!

Just goofing around. Appreciate the information!

"Bruise but don't break" is a great description!

Pretty much explains it all.

But now I have to wonder about that Crisco thing!

Could a crafty lawyer disqualify a tournament winner for having

applied Crisco to his shooter? It could easily be explained that

he, like others, did it for 'appearance purposes'. Maybe it could

give a 'performance advantage'. I don't know! :lol:

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Don posted some Tomatoes for me. :)

Tomato Ace Cork Shooters


Ace Cork Shooters


So, not Ades. But same family. Akro name: Moss Agates. Collectors' name: Ace (and Tomato Ace :))

Thanks, Don. I really want to finally learn and finally remember the names for the red varieties.

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