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Is there a Kokomo book or anywhere that shows basically most of their marbles. I have 3 for sure Kokomos in my collection but I'm sure I have a few more hiding in my pelts. Other than memorizing every color combo they made its for  me, nearly impossible to tell the difference between Kokomo and pelts Rainbos. 

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Kokomos are mentioned with a few pics in some of the marble books but the best pics and info you will find is probably on the marble boards. The fact is that Kokos are very rare compared to Peltiers and I don't think they were widely distributed either, so I wouldn't expect to find many, if any, by chance, even if you're looking through a random pile of 100,000 pelts. Although, you could get lucky and find a small cache in a lot or something - they are out there.

I am in Indiana and I have found a small group in a large lot maybe 2-3 times over the past 20 years or so. Otherwise, It's a random marble here or there, if I'm lucky.

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