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No idea! It just sounded similar. Maybe? dunno.gif

Just noticed a slightly less exotic, but still interesting, word in the TV guide.

I'm guessing that 'tutelage' is probably better-known by people who speak or

have learned 'British' English, as opposed to those who speak the 'U.S.' variety.

But it's still a completely valid 'U.S. English' word. It's just that approximately

80% of us have no idea what it means. And of the 20% who do, it's unlikely

that even half would be able to spell it correctly.

Including me. If you gave me this word, I'd definitely lose the 'spelling bee'. ( :


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First I thought it to be some Vogon slang but then



Unfortunaltey I still need to do some more meditation to understand Steph's example. Meanwhile I amuse with those:


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Here are a couple more words which I'm guessing came from

the same original source as 'clishmaclaver'.

Just remembered that "I Would Walk 500 Miles" song, which caused

me to look up 'haver'. Pretty much the same thing.

And I saw a TV commercial the other day for what I think is the old

show 'Gunsmoke'. If you skip the 'old west' spelling here, 'palaver'

or 'palavering' also fit the bill well. ( :


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Real ones.

Paxwax is "the strong tendon in the neck of animals". So it sounds more interesting than it is.

Sonneteer could mean someone who writes sonnets or it could mean a minor or insignificant poet. I was playing Scrabble on the computer and had lots of E's and N's. So I plugged that in as a joke and was surprised to see it worded. That amused me. :)

I'm easy to amuse. ;)

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