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Peltier Honey - Amber Bananas

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Here's a mysterious marble. Such a pretty one yet so few are known.

Joe McDonough discovered them in about 1989, in an auction for the family of a man who was said to work for Peltier before he moved to New Jersey. A total of 119 of the amber ones came with jars full of other colored bananas and colored clearies. Most of the ambers were mint. Some had a substance like melted rubber on them. There was one peewee in the lot.

There seems no doubt that they are Peltier. Many notables including Alan Basinet weighed in when Joe was trying to confirm.

I just marvel that there are so few when it's such a wonderful marble. How many might they have made? Where could they be hiding?

This one is mine. :) :)


And then here are some more. Joe's friend took this first picture and then the attached pics are earlier photos of the find. On Kodak paper. :)


post-279-0-35779000-1444424729_thumb.jpg post-279-0-00202200-1444424731_thumb.jpg post-279-0-75457100-1444424732_thumb.jpg

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So one big question I have is how much glass would someone at Peltier have had to prepare to make even one banana cat eye.

Did they have a small crucible for small batches of test marbles?

Or would they have had to melt a whole lot of amber glass to be able to make any bananas at all?

How small could a Peltier experimental batch realistically be?

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Freaky that they would be so clearly Pelt and there would be so relatively few of them, and only one person would possess them (until Joe distributed them).

Leaves the door open to the possibility of other Pelt styles having been made and disappearing without anyone ever finding out about them. Made, discarded, paved over, gone.

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I asked my friend, John, the long-time mechanic at Peltier about these, and he didn't have info about how many were made, but he said he has seen "more than a few" of the amber ones in 5/8", 1/2" and one inch. He has also seen light red ones in 5/8" and 1/2", and one in light blue at 5/8".

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