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I have only seen blue and green based submarines. It is a perfect example why it matters to differentiate an early NLR and a later Rainbo. There are many transparent blue or green based Rainbos that are not submarines. It has to be a NLR to be a submarine. This applies to many other color combos too, like a blue and black Rainbo does not make it a Blue Panther etc.

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Speaking of Warhol, (as we did elsewhere) I really like the overall 'look'

of the presentation here. It's terrific as it is, but you could also separate

and off-set different 'sections' and that could look great too!

(I guess I'm thinking in terms of large display prints on a wall.)

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I just want to know why there cant be submarine early rainbows?

Wouldn't that make marbles more collectible to people who happen to find these?

The early rainbows right after NLR are some pretty cool marbles and should have name to make them more collectable which will bring more people into the hobby!

Everyone that want to alienate rainbows hurts marble collecting as there are more of these marble than NLR.

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