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10/26/15 ... 3 More For Id And A Question ...


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Most pontils are associated with handmade marbles. Some with "transitionals", which may be machine-made.

One tricky thing is recognizing whether something actually is a pontil. Some machine-made marbles have cold-roll marks or damage which may be mistaken for pontils.

The top marble is an Akro Popeye. That's a type of corkscrew from the 1930's. It's a popular marble. Yours is damaged. Of course that affects value.

The bottom marble is a contemporary handmade marble. Do you see a signature on it? (Someone's initials?)

The middle one is tricky. My first thought based on colors was Peltier, but the structure is wrong for the marble type I was thinking of. I'm starting to think Jabo for it. The kind made in 2008 or later. How much sparkle in the green chunks? They could be aventurine or mica.

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