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What Would You Call It Part 2


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Steph?, you're own opinion please?☺️, and a name??, I assume that's what Dave is looking for?

I agree with Sami and Ann.

I believe that Tornado is a legitimate name.

And that Blizzard also could apply.

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Might not jive with popular opinion but why not "awesome cane-cut German marble"?

Any Mica?

What I find most interesting about these types is the color palette, lack of core, and construction.

Interesting (to me anyways) when compared to those hand gathered/single pontil marbles previously called transitionals/Leightons etc.

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Ok so the consensus is:


Just kidding. That's too many letters. Guess I'll go with the basics with lots of ?????

Yep that is Mica in there. All the little white specks. They are small and by no means is there a ton of it, but there is a nice overall obvious sparkle. The colours reach about half way into the marble I would assume because of the twist. Then there is a Ghost Core of some sort you can see if backlit that fills out the center.

I was also ummmming over it being one of the Single Pontil types. It has sort of a 9 on it, but lacks any sort of tail that I can see. If it did have a tail that would solve a lot.

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