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Banded Mist?


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Fairly well. But a photo has to be close and clear to really tell if a marble could be a mist. The "mist" itself is usually just a faint wash of color on the surface, and it's generally apparent that that's what it is. Kind of like a very thin transparent curtain of green or blue, usually. Kind of wavery in areas.

Looks like there might be a white latticinio core there? If so, that alone would probably mean it's not a mist. Mists were cost-savers, and if they had anything additional at all it was usually a light sprinkling of mica -- no more.

But it's hard to tell from the photo if those are white latticinio threads inside, or the green translucent strands Mattshaw mentions. If it's the green translucent threads and they're on the outside, it might be a mist.

:dunno: When you have a chance for a sharper photo, we should take another look. Be nice if it was one. I personally have not found many mists . . .

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I thought Onionskins had to have an inner layer of opaque colour?, or is this a messed up Onionskin?, the prominent band of opaque white looks deliberate.

I'd probably put it with my banded transparents.

Doesn't look like a mist to me.

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